The ID³ Medical “development” objective is to create vascular products with new or different characteristics that offer new additional benefits to customers and patients. Perfect examples are close collaborations of ID³ Medical with market-leading endovascular companies, 3D printing companies, IT-imaging research and development units and basic science laboratories.
Development of new training models to overcome shortcomings of existing devices, imaging software creation to add quality to daily clinical decision making and device testing on flow models to predict their endovascular behaviours are recent realizations of ID³ Medical.
1. Data development/ data management
One of the key features of Id3 Medical is the organization of trials and this particularly in the (endo)vascular field. We have helped different market leaders in medical writing, pre- en post CE investigations, registries, core lab investigations, trial, publications and presentations. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are looking for added value!
Endovascular clinical trials
Pre -CE product testing
2. (Pre CE) Product testing
Implants or other medical products can be evaluated in 3D printed or simple table-top models, cadavers, animals or patients. Your product will be tested through experienced, high qualified hands and you are guaranteed to get valuable and honest feedback. Several daily used products have been tested by Id3 staff before being used in today's market.
3. Training models
Our team can help you develop a perfect training model. We offer a unique combination of in-house interventional experience with knowledge of 3D printing or state-of the-art simulating set-ups.
3D training model
Software tools
4. Software tools
Today's market and techniques have a need for up-to-date software. We can assist in the development and fine-tuning of your tools.